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The Birth of Artsy Fartsy April 11, 2006

Filed under: Art — kellyrand @ 1:36 am

Welcome to the first generation of the Artsy Fartsy blog. A place that will explore art, crafty endeavors, philosophical ramblings, philanthropic pursuits and rampant activism – all set against the backdrop of our Nation's capitol – Washington DC.

So sit back, relax, enjoy, make comments every once and a while and see the mystery of the Artsy Fartsy blog unfold.



2 Responses to “The Birth of Artsy Fartsy”

  1. 808in703 Says:

    this is pretty much the hottest blog i’ve seen in a long time. you don’t know the hoops i went to just to post a message! I’m going to tell all my friends…minus you, that leaves…well whatever, im telling.

  2. grendal17 Says:

    Freakin’ amateurs thinking they can just waltz right in and start sayin’ whatever they please and postin’ whatever comments they want. Next thing ya knows they’ll be some downright unAMERICAN comments showin’ up, like how the President isn’t good for this country. Well you have no right, no right I tell you! Wait, shucks, I guess you do. Damn.

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