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Crafty Bastards April 18, 2006

Filed under: Art,Craft — kellyrand @ 3:32 am

While lurking about my favorite message board I came upon a thread about a prom-a-long. While craft-a-longs of any sort aren’t new or that exciting and my prom was firmly in the bowls of memory, my interest was piqued.

On closer inspection over 100 pages awaited sorting. Lucky for me I ran across a post with links to a lovely designer for inspiration.

I have to thank all crafty bastards for continually opening up my eyes to new and amazing creations. These dresses are so wonderful.

Beckerman Knitted DressBeckerman Knitted Dress

Trying to figure out how to decontruct these and then reconstruct them in real life before I become distracted by another impossible and beautiful puzzle, is going to be very tricky.


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