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Green House May 30, 2006

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The National Building Museam is hosting The Green House exhibit featuring the Glide House by architect Michelle Kaufman and exhibits showcasing green products and houses that lessen their impact on the environment.

The exhibit starts with an actual portion of the Glide House that you can explore and get a feel for living in the space. One of the main components of the Glide House and where it received its name from, are the large cedar screens that can "glide" into position to block the sun at various times of the day. Large cabinet doors also "glide" to hide storage. Unfortunatly these elements were nailed into place on this demo home, negating the fun of truly exploring the space.

The house also lacked a bedroom, insread only showcasing the main living area of the house: living room, kitchen and deck. It also had a bathroom and a small driveway.

All in all it was interesting to see the concepts of the house and the principals of sustainability in use. Thought bubbles or captions in lime green were posted around the house to share insites and tips on how to make your home more "green."



Art-o-Mat May 28, 2006

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Continuing the theme of small artwork – why not get your art from a cigarette machine? That's right just pull a lever and tah dah! a great piece of artwork that can fit in your hand.

Art-o-Mat refurbishes old cigarette machines and fills them with artwork the size of a pack of cigarettes, making art more accessable and that much more cute!

Visit Art-o-Mat and find a machine near you. You can even start a pilgramage to "collect 'em all."


Tiny Showcase May 27, 2006

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Great to fit your teeny tiny wallet and your ginormous style, Tiny Showcase provides limited edition artwork for a reasonable price.

A new piece goes on sale every week and a portion of proceeds from the sales are donated to a charity of the artist's choice.

So go ahead and enjoy these itty bitty masterpieces, they're big with sensation.


Y&A part two May 25, 2006

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The Art & Media House is a program of the Latin American Youth Center that encourages youth to discover the power of their art through hands on training in art and media. Local students participate in after-school classes, including photography, painting, and video and film.

The Latin American Youth Center’s Art & Media House will present its end of the year exhibition on Thursday, May 25. An opening reception will be held from 5-7pm at the Art & Media House. Admission is free and donations are always welcome. Refreshments will be served.

The Art & Media House is located around the corner from the Latin American youth Center at 3035 15th Street NW in Mt. Pleasant – Columbia Heights at 3035 15th St NW, Washington, DC.


Title IX May 23, 2006

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For those of you hip to the political/legislative world of ground breaking policy you'll be familiar with Title IX – but a little refresher in history wouldn't hurt.

Title IX was enacted in 1972 and required that all schools receiving federal funds provide women and girls equal opportunity to compete in sports. From there, women and girls in participating in sports took off and we never looked back.

A company named after the ground breaking policy based in California offers great outdoor and sports wear. By continuing the idea of the legislation Title Nine also started a grant making institution, Starting Block, where they fund organizations that are committed to involving at risk girls in sports and fitness.

A company with a heart – it can't get better than this.


Youth & Art May 18, 2006

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Tonight is the opening reception for the 1st Annual DC Youth Vision Gallery art show. Made possible by the DC Children and Youth Investment Trust Corporation, this show brings together the talents of youth from five different programs in DC – The Community Preservation and Development Corporation's CPDC @ Edgewood Terrace, Covenant House Washington Artisans Woodworking Program, The Latin American Youth Center Arts & Media House, Life Pieces to Masterpieces and WVSA arts connection's ARTiculate Employment Training Program.

The DC Youth Vision Gallery show will show case paintings, woodwork and photography from all of the above local programs and giving a creative space for youth in DC. Each of these organizations support youth with specific assets and challenges, and the artwork and crafts on display speak to their unique potential.

WVSA arts connection
1100 16th Street, NW
Washington, DC 20036

The show runs through June 7th and art work will be available for post-event viewing and purchase Monday through Friday 10am-6pm at the ARTiculate Gallery. So go enjoy art that helps make a difference.


War and Books May 15, 2006

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While away on work travel I had the chance to visit one of my most favorite places on the East Coast – Bar Harbor, Maine. This seasonal town was just waking up from its long winter nap and unfortunately the gorgeous natural scenery was socked in by fog and dreary rain my entire trip.

So for my viewing pleasure, I did the next best thing and explored some of the local shops and galleries. One of the ones that I found open was College of the Atlantic's Blum Gallery, hosting two of its senior's work in the last days of the show.

The Gallery itself is small and bright. The natural wood floors are a wonderful accent to the white walls of the room. Mechanized Warfare and Spinal Tap were an interesting combination and contradiction housed within the small space.
Emily Weiss presented black and white oil paintings of archival war photographs from WWII and Vietnam. The technique of each individual canvas varied on the quality of the photograph. Some canvases were fuzzy and blurry while others were stark and clear. The collection seemed over all naive and the high contrast of black and white, effectively disconnected the viewer from any emotion that war photography usually portrays.

Ariel Weiss showcased her exploration of book binding. Using unconventional found objects to bind paper Weiss has presented several sculptural pieces. Several elements within Weiss's collection made the book binding turn into musical sculptures. Strings tied tight – paper and nails and metals, looking more a harp than a book. These pieces reflected the feel of the gallery and were a strange bedfellow to Mechanized Warfare.

Be sure to check out more of the College's Senior Shows at Mount Desert's only year round gallery and their exciting up coming shows.