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Pack Rat May 5, 2006

Filed under: Community — kellyrand @ 2:23 am

I have a vague memory. It is so fuzzy that I can't tell if its a memory of reality or a memory of a dream that I once had. Its of this place that I visited when I was very little, a place that had bins and boxes and barrels all stocked full of stuff. Really great stuff too, like egg cartons and paper clips and pipe cleaners and dowels. It was like a recycle center for random materials used by teachers in arts and crafts time at elementary school or kindergarten.

I've always loved that place, whether real or fictional. I've always thought, what a great idea – a place where used or unwanted items were reused by teachers and artists. Such a wonderful concept to divert waste and make art.

It sooths the pack rat in me that constantly holds on to that one yard of fabric, the last five beads, the dregs of paint, thinking that one day they'll be transformed into fabulous tote bags or wall hangings.

I've had this dream about owning such a place, but I didn't think such things existed. I've been halfway convinced that my fuzzy memory was a dream and not from reality.

Well, whether or not my memory was from dream or reality, such stores do exist! Through the amazing advent of the internet I learned about the Easy Bay Depot for Creative Use. While not in my back yard, it is in my reality and has bolstered my dreams.


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