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War and Books May 15, 2006

Filed under: Art — kellyrand @ 2:57 am

While away on work travel I had the chance to visit one of my most favorite places on the East Coast – Bar Harbor, Maine. This seasonal town was just waking up from its long winter nap and unfortunately the gorgeous natural scenery was socked in by fog and dreary rain my entire trip.

So for my viewing pleasure, I did the next best thing and explored some of the local shops and galleries. One of the ones that I found open was College of the Atlantic's Blum Gallery, hosting two of its senior's work in the last days of the show.

The Gallery itself is small and bright. The natural wood floors are a wonderful accent to the white walls of the room. Mechanized Warfare and Spinal Tap were an interesting combination and contradiction housed within the small space.
Emily Weiss presented black and white oil paintings of archival war photographs from WWII and Vietnam. The technique of each individual canvas varied on the quality of the photograph. Some canvases were fuzzy and blurry while others were stark and clear. The collection seemed over all naive and the high contrast of black and white, effectively disconnected the viewer from any emotion that war photography usually portrays.

Ariel Weiss showcased her exploration of book binding. Using unconventional found objects to bind paper Weiss has presented several sculptural pieces. Several elements within Weiss's collection made the book binding turn into musical sculptures. Strings tied tight – paper and nails and metals, looking more a harp than a book. These pieces reflected the feel of the gallery and were a strange bedfellow to Mechanized Warfare.

Be sure to check out more of the College's Senior Shows at Mount Desert's only year round gallery and their exciting up coming shows.


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