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Green House May 30, 2006

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The National Building Museam is hosting The Green House exhibit featuring the Glide House by architect Michelle Kaufman and exhibits showcasing green products and houses that lessen their impact on the environment.

The exhibit starts with an actual portion of the Glide House that you can explore and get a feel for living in the space. One of the main components of the Glide House and where it received its name from, are the large cedar screens that can "glide" into position to block the sun at various times of the day. Large cabinet doors also "glide" to hide storage. Unfortunatly these elements were nailed into place on this demo home, negating the fun of truly exploring the space.

The house also lacked a bedroom, insread only showcasing the main living area of the house: living room, kitchen and deck. It also had a bathroom and a small driveway.

All in all it was interesting to see the concepts of the house and the principals of sustainability in use. Thought bubbles or captions in lime green were posted around the house to share insites and tips on how to make your home more "green."

The next rooms highlighted the 5 principals of sustainable design:

  1. Optimize Use of the Sun
  2. Imrove Indoor Airquality
  3. Using the Land Resonsibly
  4. Creating High-Performance and Moisture-Resistant Houses
  5. Wisely Using the Earth’s Natural Resources

The next room held lighted flat panels of various houses that were build around the world using these principals. It was like walking through a copy of Dwell Magazine. These exhibits were catagorized by area: urban, suburban, waterside, desert. Some of the houses also had their 3-D mockup that you could reference and get a feel for the house in space.

Moving into the next room, the area was packed with sample building materials and interior design elements that were made from recycled materials or materials that are harvested sustainably. Many ideas for flooring and insulation and cabinetry were abound.

The last section of the exhibit was a room with flat screen tvs, benches and sliver painted bamboo. There you can watch a short movie on the Glide House and hear from the achitect about the design principals found in the house.

Exhibit runs through June 3rd.


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