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Realistically Speaking June 21, 2006

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So in my alter universe, where my ambition lies, I have posted numerous times about the fabulous goings-on in the arts and crafts world here in DC. In reality, looks like the written word here in this blog, about said happenings, will be MIA until after the July 4th holiday.

Check back then to your regularly scheduled craftyness and plain old artsy fartsy rants.  


Asleep at the Wheel June 16, 2006

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Sorry for my lack of posts. There is lots happening in this fair city. Stay tuned for more details.


Marketing for Change June 8, 2006

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Creative Community for a Common Cause co-presents its monthly Marketing for Change Social Mix'r. Allowing the attendees to engage in art with local to global environmental and human impact by celebrating the United Nation's World Environment Day.

International Visions Gallery
2629 Connecticut Ave. NW
Washington, DC 20008
Across from the Woodley Park Metro

June 8, 2006
6 – 9 pm
Donations are appreciated
Featuring works from:

* Eco' Arts: addressing environmental issues with creativity Nil Sismanyazici Navaie, Founder of Arts for Global Development, Inc.

* Images from Katrina: an environmental art exhibit
Tambra Stevenson, Creator of Postcards from Katrina


Craft wish list June 7, 2006

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Here is a list of craft projects waiting to be made.

  • Smock (haven't forgotten this!)
  • jewelry box
  • coffee can decoupage
  • toiletry case
  • tote bags with kitten and pony stencil
  • sandwich bag
  • lunch bag

So many ideas, so little time. Perhaps I should sign up for some swaps to get me motivated and held accountable to my creativity and to the people waiting for their surprises!


Dupont-Kalorama Museum Walk June 5, 2006

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This past weekend was the Dupont-Kalorama Museum Walk. Several of the off-mall museums participated and free shuttle bus service to/from each of the sites was provided.

I went with the plan of hitting at-least two of the museums, the Textile Museum and the Mary McLeod Bethune Council House National Historic Site. Me and a friend started at the Textile Museum and quickly got side tracked by all of the fun exhibits and hands-on learning activities for kids.

Being the "big" kids that we are, we fully participated in all the learning fun. We learned how to cross stitch, reverse dye fabric and created hats. In amongst the glue and glitter we whiled away the afternoon and didn't see the inside of the Textile Museum and missed the Bethune House by 30 minutes (even though we thought we had 30 minutes.)

Next year I'll be more judicious with my time and make sure to actually see the inside of the museums.


T-shirt Surgery June 4, 2006

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I was bitten by the craft bug last night and was inspired to actually make something! Thanks to craftster and this great tutorial I turned a very large t-shirt into lounge/workout pants!



I altered the waist band a little bit to fit. Instead of having only half of it fold down, I sewed it so all of it folded down. I also need to fix a little bit of the seeming in the hips, hence the t-shirt hiding the waist.

This was super easy and a great way to use up those too big t-shirts that are always lurking in my fabric stash.


Viva el Bano! June 3, 2006

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What do you get when you cross a small bathroom, a white shower curtain, an art projector and a revolutionary?

I used a small art projector and traced Che's image onto the curtain. I then painted in the lines with acrylic paint, let dry and placed on the shower rod.

Resulting in deep conversations about and in my bathroom.