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Capital Fringe Festival July 11, 2006

Filed under: Art,Community — kellyrand @ 3:05 am

The inaugural Capital Fringe Festival will take place July 20th through July 30th in Washington DC. The festival boasts 100 performing artists/groups who will present over 400 performances in 30 different venues in 11 days.

With this many performances to choose from you must prioritize. Tickets and passes are available for purchase online.

A quick tour of the performance offerings shows a little bit for everyone; from dance, cabaret, improv comedy, spoken word to one act plays. I am intrigued by In Pursuit of the English Rose, the Deaf Musical, One-Man Sar Wars Trilogy and Pop Up Dances to name a few.

Choose wisely!


2 Responses to “Capital Fringe Festival”

  1. artzagat Says:

    And on your way to the shows… if you’re wondering where all that art came from along 7th street, it’s the Visual Fringe, a visual arts installation along the 7th street corridor held in conjunction with the Capital Fringe Festival. Look for work by up and coming local artists in the windows of bookstores, design fims, and night clubs on your way to all the shows!

  2. artsyfartsy Says:

    Thanks artzagat for the tip. I can’t wait to see the shows and the works.

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