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DC Glass July 20, 2006

Filed under: Art — kellyrand @ 3:17 am

This past weekend I had the privilege to meet two amateur glass blowers. When I think of blown glass two vastly different images come to mind. The first is of the rinky dink trinkets composed of clear glass tipped with gold. Mostly small animals like swans and always sold at Disney World. The other is of Dale Chihuly and his ceiling installations at the Bellagio in Las Vegas.

I’ve never really given glass too much of my time and its a medium that hovers precariously on the art/craft debate. Meeting the amateur glass blowers I naively asked how they came to glass blowing, “’cause you don’t just one day wake up and take up glass blowing”. Well I guess that’s what they did. Silly me.

Investigating where they would start their new endeavour they considered the Corcoran, but found it didn’t fulfill their needs, being just about glass bead making in the larger context of jewelery making. They soon found a studio close by with instruction and rent-able studio time, DC Glass Works.

Located in Hyattsville, MD, DC Glass Works offers instruction on how to blow glass and rents out space and a glory hole with necessary equipment. The June – July class schedule is mostly beginner offerings with one intermediate class in cane pulling.

Their website also highlights their outreach work and offers classes for at-risk youth and donations of original hand blown pieces for charity auctions.

DC Glass Works seems like a great place to embrace a new hobby and go forth with the creation of gold tipped swans or your own ceiling installation.


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