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Creative Chaos July 29, 2006

Filed under: Art — kellyrand @ 11:30 am

Trying to fit creativity back into ones life is ruff. After so many years of linear thought opening up to non-linear thinking again is daunting.

Trying to catch that spark that will set everything aflame is both sought after, yet held back. After so many years of thinking with the left side of the brain. Thinking that everything has its place and order and time. Why the fear?

A little spark can set off a wildfire; tumbling, turning, burning, a never ending process. The mind reels from the possibilities. Can this be harnessed to see it through to fruition, to completion? Or will the tilt-a-whirl of madness keep spinning? Will the projects never stop? How do you reconcile the need for order with the need for chaos?

How does one catch a comet?
The rush, the high is exciting.

100 Ideas
52 Projects


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