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Spoilers October 4, 2006

Filed under: Art,Craft — kellyrand @ 8:24 pm

Alright for those of you loyal readers that know me, you might want to skip this post. It contains descriptions of projects that will turn into your gift for the holiday season fast approaching or for other reasons. So if you want a surprise than move on and no lookey loos! For the rest of you enjoy my ambitious crafting and stick around to see if I can get it all done in time.

DQ’s girl – there is this lovely cowl pattern on knitty that I think would be perfect. Perhaps in an earthy green.

The newlyweds – I have been derelict in producing a wedding present. I know I have up to a year, but I still feel like a rat. The idea has been kicking around for a while but has yet to come to fruition – obtain old printing press letters of their initials and various mushy words. I’ve sceen them at Eastern Market. Arrange just so and place in shadowbox frame – to be hung or as table top art.

The Fashionista – the purse in loop d’ loop. She’ll love it. Perhaps in cream.

My only A named friend – we have this great swap deal going on as our birthdays and the holidays are pretty close to each other. She really wants a roll for her knitting needles (great pattern in Stitch n’ Bitch) and I fell in love with a purse pattern in the Happy Hooker. Viola! all parties are happy.

The ‘rents – God! They’ve been married for 30 years! Reproduce soft sketches of them now, as a companion piece to the ones they had done 30 + years ago. We should all be so lucky.

Well this is only a tenth of what I need to get done and not everyone is on here – so if you are a lookey loo and didn’t see yourself – that’s what you get!
No worries the perfect craft has yet to hit me.


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