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Birth of a New Year January 3, 2007

Filed under: Art — kellyrand @ 2:25 am

As flimsy resolutions are already being broken, the birth of this new year brings up hope for what is yet to come and an absolution of last year’s sins. Its a time for reflection. A time of new beginnings; a time to start over.

Resolutions I see myself breaking before the month is out:

  • blog more
  • eat better
  • exercise more
  • craft for myself more
  • keep a cleaner house

While the turn of this time stamp is celebrated more, my biggest resolution is to celebrate everyday as a fresh start. I’ve learned that everyday is a new beginning and any-day can be the start of a new year.

To remind me of this and to keep myself thinking of all the possibilities that come with my new found philosophy, I will be fulfilling a lifelong goal.

Inspired by the above image of a poppy; a symbol of new beginnings, birth, bloom, remembrance, it will be my eternal symbol that everyday is a new beginning and to find beauty in the everyday. This will be my tattoo.


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