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Textural Love February 12, 2007

Filed under: Art — kellyrand @ 3:57 am

Why have I fallen head over heels for pattern and texture? I keep finding myself fondling friend’s scarfs and wraps. From chunky fiber to delicate weave, I press my face to try and figure out the patterns. Was it knit? Crochet? Woven? Some crazy cables with dropped, slipped and m1’s?

Today I was admiring these fantastic paintings of Martin Luther King Jr., Malcolm X, and Ray Charles. (Do I have pictures – of course not!) Bigger than life, what struck me about these paintings was the mixed media used. I first thought that they were done in thick oil, with massive amounts of paint scraped on with a large palette knife. But on closer inspection the lines of each portrait’s wardrobe was actually, fabric.

The grey suit that Ray Charles wore was a suit, stitching and all. He even wore a watch on his wrist. Thick ropes outlined MLK’s hair, producing a mountainous ridge between person and background. I found myself standing, not 1 inch between me and the canvas trying to figure the medium that could make fabric hold a shape and hold to the canvas. I could have stood there for hours. My hands itched to run my fingers over the textural sea before me.

My hands now itch to get some starch and fabric or paper mache to try and emulate the paint and texture I was inspired by today.


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