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Easter Paper Craft April 9, 2007

Filed under: Craft — kellyrand @ 1:20 am

Star Wars: Kids has some great paper crafts that are cute and easy to make. You just print them out, cut and paste together.
star war paper craft

yoda and chewey

Happy Star Wars Easter!


7 Responses to “Easter Paper Craft”

  1. hvredenburg Says:

    I LOVE THESE!! Would you happen to have the pdf file of them because the Star wars website doesn’t have them anymore??? Please let me know if you have it, I would love it for a project for Girl Scout troop!

  2. switchie80 Says:

    These are great! I am also looking for the .pdf because the Star Wars website took them down. (I can’t imagine why.. they are awesome!) If anyone has it can you e-mail it to me @


  3. MANILA Says:

    Can you e-mail them to me too, please??

  4. I am doign a project for my son for school he has to read a book and dress up like a charater and do a craft would love it you could e mail me the pdf file Thanks so much

  5. hvredenburg Says:

    Hey Jessica, I never got an email with them. But if you google images for star wars cubecraft you will get a lot of cool paper cube guys to put together.

  6. Do you still have this template???? I can’t find them anywhere!

  7. Hi. Just saw this and love it. Could you email me the pdf? So clever. Thanks.

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